Trekking in Tibet

Tibet has the greatest trekking country on the earth and the most extensive jumble of mountains found on any continent surrounds it. Stretching for almost 1900 miles (3000 km) and forming its entire southern boundary is the Himalaya , and along its western extremity is the equally rugged Karakoram. Between these two ranges are found all fourteen of the world's 8000-meter peaks including Mount Everest . In Northern Tibet the Plateau is a high arid expanse known as the Chang Tang, the "Northern Plains," while Eastern Tibet is bounded by a succession of mountains where three of Asia 's largest rivers cut deep, parallel gorges on their journey from the Plateau to the sea.

Many people identify Tibet a desolate, cold windswept desert on the roof of the World. But Tibet has an unusually diverse and strikingly beautiful landscape of snowcapped summits, lush rhododendron & conifer forests and fertile agricultural valley too.

When to trek in Tibet ?

The best season for trekking in Tibet is from May through the end of October. The weather during these months is surprisingly mild, with warm days and cool to chilly nights in the mountains. July and August can be very rainy, receiving over half of Tibet 's annual precipitation. The monsoon of bay of Bengal manages to push over the Himalaya into much of West, Central and Eastern Tibet bringing rain most nights and occasionally during the day. At this time of the year even the most barren hills don a fuzzy green coating of grass while up in the alpine areas the valleys become lush and speckled with wildflower and blooming shrubs.

By September, autumn is knocking on the door. The days are cooler and the willow and poplar leaves begin turning yellow. October & November brings sunny days and clear crisp nights with temperature often near freezing. The coldest time of the year is December through February but this is also a time when Tibet experiences extended periods of clear sunny weather. In the high mountain areas the snowfall is generally high to consider winter treks.

All treks either wholly in Tibet or trekking in from Nepal are operated by ourselves. Trek cost includes all food and necessary equipment and flights when necessary and full support crew

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